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Diver Breathes in the Demand Valve:first stage regulator
Posted admin Published time:2011-12-31 0:56:47 Readed2116

The first stage regulator attaches directly to the scuba tank. The standard connector is an A-clamp, which fits over the valve at the top of the tank and is fastened by tightening a yoke screw, although some European divers use a DIN connector. DIN provides a more secure fastening by screwing directly into the tank valve and can be used with higher cylinder pressures than the A-clamp, but divers with DIN regulators can use a converter to attach their equipment to a US style scuba tank.

It is not only the connector type that can vary though; the mechanism to detect pressure changes can either use a piston, upon which external water pressure acts, or a flexible diaphragm attached to a push rod. Both types of regulator can be either balanced or unbalanced, with the former able to compensate for changes in cylinder pressure and therefore have a larger opening with which to deliver more air.Finally, some first stage regulators are environmentally sealed; that is to say, rather then the water acting on the mechanism directly, it acts upon a fluid that transmits the pressure to the piston or diaphragm. The advantages of this are that it reduces the risk of internal corrosion or sediment build up inside the first stage as well as providing thermal insulation to the mechanism; this is important in low temperatures to prevent the regulator from freezing up.

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