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Ballvalve and Make Sure you Use the Correct Valve
Posted admin Published time:2011-12-31 0:57:42 Readed2143

Always make sure you use the correct valve. If you use an HP valve when you should have used an LP one, the cistern will fill slowly and noisily; an LP valve used in place of an HP one might not shut off properly.Noisy filling can be due to a number of causes - besides incor¬rect pressure valves. Much noise can be reduced by adding a silencer tube, which brings the outlet of the valve below the level of the water in the cistern. Water regulations prevent the use of anything but a collapsible silencer tube - only these will not allow back-siphonage to take place.Some very old-fashioned types of valve can be particularly noisy, and should be replaced with a modern type - particularly one with an approved collapsible silencer tube.Under the new water by-laws, piston-type Portsmouth ball-valves will no longer be allowed as they do not meet the require¬ments for back-siphonage.

Before deciding to replace a ballvalve, consider whether cleaning it, replacing the float or bending the lever will solve your problems.You will need a new ballvalve of the right pressure and size, two right-angled adjustable spanners and possibly new washers for the inlet shank and for the tap adaptor.First turn off the water supply and, if necessary, drain the pipe by pushing down on the lever. If you are replacing the ballvalve with another of the same pattern, you probably need only to disconnect the ballvalve at the valve backnut. Hold the valve body steady with the second spanner while undoing the nut. Remove the body complete with lever and float.If necessary, the valve can be removed by disconnecting the tap connector and undoing the nut on the inlet shank outside the cistern. Remove valve complete with inlet shank. If you want to, it may then be possible to undo the valve at the back nut.

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