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The Mechanism of the Drain is to Construct a Narrow Ditch
Posted admin Published time:2011-12-31 0:58:10 Readed2169

The mechanism of the drain is to construct a narrow ditch or trench that should be about 2 feet wide and up to 6 feet in depth. A PVC pipe should be laid down in the virgin soil, with the slope lowering in elevation from start point to end point. The gradient of the pipe should allow the water to flow away from the walls of your home. The pipe should then be covered with 12 inches deep gravel that has been washed. In some cases the pipe is not required. The ditch is lined with gravel and rocks when used in the garden. A layer of filter fabric can then be placed over the gravel so that soil does not clog the pipe. A perforated clay pipe can be used to line drain so that dirt, sod and foliage do not clog up the water flow. Fill the remainder of the trench with top soil to its original level.

If you are unable to do the job yourself get a qualified professional to do the job of installing your French drain. An experienced contractor would be more skilled in allowing the proper drainage and waterproofing of your property. Those professionals who work on home improvement services and yard drainage can provide you with an effective French drain. Oklahoma City residents can find experienced contractors in the area.

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